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• History & Layout

• Game Mechanics

• Character Creation

• Disorders

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Basic Character Sheet

Advanced Character Sheet

Madhouse is a survival horror RPG set within the Lakeshore Asylum.

There have always been rumors surrounding the Lakeshore Asylum. The strange fire back in the days of the Great Depression, the scandal involving the administrator and the flayed bodies in the '40s, the missing patients that briefly led to the asylum's closing in the 70s... to those who paid attention, it was clear that something was fundamentally wrong about the city of Lakeshore and its dark, looming asylum.

The players take on the roles of patients who have been sent to the asylum to recover from their mental disorders, only to learn that survival might take precedence over recovery.

Madhouse uses a D10-based "roll and keep" system that provides tactical options while keeping gameplay quick and intuitive. The Insanity mechanic features a "press your luck" mechanic that allows players to "push" to gain bonuses to their dice rolls. Each Push also increases a player's Insanity, however, and if a player accumulates too much Insanity, they might find themselves acting irrationally in situations that call for cool heads and critical thinking.